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Syllabus Level 3

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Syllabus Level 3
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Saint Peter-Marian High School 2005-2006

Chemistry Level 3                                         


Miss. Robichaud                                                              

Room 310


Materials Needed:

Text: Chemistry Concepts and Applications

            Chemistry Study Guide

            Safety Glasses

* Non-graphing Scientific Calculator

Three Ring Binder (2 inch minimum)

Binder dividers (4)

Notebook paper


Black and White Composition book- for vocabulary

3 x 5 index cards- for vocabulary flash cards (recommended)

Three-hole punch (recommended)



Chemistry Binder:


Each student is required to maintain a binder which will hold notes/papers for THIS CLASS ONLY!  It should be set up in the following sections:  1.) class notes, 2.) homework, 3.) quizzes/tests, 4.) lab work/handouts.  This will keep you organized and prevent the never ending search for that very important piece of paper!!  It is your responsibility to keep this binder neat and organized.  Take the time to file your papers where they belong as soon as you get them back.  Your binder counts as part of your grade (~5%)!





On certain days we will begin class with a warm-up question.  This will be included in the class notes section of your binder.  The question will be written on the board and will relate to the previous days lecture or homework.  As soon as you come into class you should take out your binder and begin working on the warm-up question.  It is a good idea to write the question in your notes along with the answer. (These are great questions to review for quizzes and tests)  After attendance has been taken and homework has been checked we will answer the warm up question as a class…I will be looking for volunteers to share their answers!




Homework will be assigned each day and should be completed without help from anyone. This is a chance to see if you understand what is going on in class.  If you are confused, use your book…re-read the section and look at the bold face vocabulary words for help.  Missing your homework will negatively affect your progress.  Poor quiz grades will be an indication that you are not keeping up with the assigned work.  All work missed due to absence is to be completed within three days.  It is your responsibility to hand in the work!  Failure to do so will result in a zero on the assignment.  In keeping with the SPM handbook, three missing homework assignments will result in an office detention.





There will be one to two quizzes a week.  If you are keeping up with taking notes in class and homework assignments, you should have no problem with the quizzes.  Quizzes will be timed (10 to 15 minutes) and will consist of new vocabulary, element symbols/names, mathematical application, and word problems.  *Warning!* Pop Quizzes will occur!  Tests will cover class notes, assigned readings, and may contain previous “quiz like” questions.  Tests will be reviewed in class after they have been corrected with an allotted time to ask questions and review incorrect problems.  *Extra credit is sometimes given before a test and MUST be handed in when you take the test!



Extra Help:


I am available for extra help any day of the week either before, during, or after school.  Drop-in extra help is always welcomed, but it is better to let me know beforehand in the event of a teacher meeting or other conflict.  This year I will also be available during ‘B’ period for extra help.  If you have study hall during ‘B’ period we can meet at that time.




Grade assessment will be based upon tests, quizzes, labs, homework, class participation, binder, and any other project given.  Grades will be calculated in a weighted average ( i.e. tests will count more than quizzes or labs).


Classroom Rules



1.  All rules and regulations stated in the SPM handbook will be followed at all times, as well as the consequences for breaking the rules (i.e. detention, suspension, etc.).  Teacher detentions will be served on the assigned day from 2:00pm -2:30pm.  Failure to report to a teacher detention will result in an office detention.



2.  Bring all materials to class- You will NOT be allowed to go to your locker!





            -lab manual/safety glasses

            -assignment notebook




3.  Be in your seat and prepared to begin class when the bell rings.

            -chemistry textbook and binder on your desk, all other material under your seat

            -homework ready to be checked or collected

            -begin the warm-up question



4.  Do not talk when someone else is talking.

            -raise your hand if you have something to say or if you have a question



5.  Respect others and their property…this means classroom stuff too!

            -clean up your lab bench and area before you leave the classroom.

            -DO NOT touch the gas jets, plugs, fan, etc…

            -DO NOT spin or lean back in lab chairs.



6.  Have fun!

            -Ask questions…no question is stupid!  Chances are, if you are confused about something someone else is too!