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Use these links to gather information on your element project...make sure you follow the outline of requirements so you do not forget any information!

Web Elements
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Tons of information on elements!

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Try searching for some information about your element here!


Information on elements

General Chemistry

Element Research Project

Miss. Robichaud

As we study Chapter 8 we will be looking into the various properties and uses of the elements found in the periodic table. This project will allow you to investigate a specific element and report your findings to the class.


  • you must include all the information outlined in the check list below.
  • your project will consist of some typed information (1 page) and some information presented on a poster (size ).
  • you must include at least 3 pictures on you poster.(drawn, cut out of magazine, computer)
  • you must have three sources, one can be your book, and you must document these sources to be handed in.

Grading- You will be graded on the following:

  • required information, including writing mechanics and spelling
  • neatness
  • creativity
  • presentation to the class

Outline of information:

  • Name of element
  • Elements symbol
  • Atomic mass, Atomic number
  • B.P, M.P, physical state, density on your poster, clearly labeled.
  • Energy level, orbital, and number of valence electrons
  • Abundance in the earths crust
  • **This information should be in a neat chart on your poster.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • When was your element discovered?
  • Where?
  • By whom?
  • How?

-Where does your element occur in nature?

-What are some physical properties of your element? (color, odor, toxicity)

-What uses does your element have? You must have at least 3.

-Why did you pick this element?

-A fun fact about your element.

-list of your three sources

*This portion of information should be in your typed paper.

The bottom half of the information should be in sentence form, using correct mechanics and spelling. This is the "report" part of your project. (~1 page, 12 font, double spaced)