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Use the following tips and web-sites to aid in your studying of Chemistry.

Chemistry 101

Chemistry 101

This site contains study links, math problems, and other helpful resources.


Chemistry Coach

After you  click on the web site, choose the LINKS option to go to chemistry tutorial, study tips, and math help.

Effective Study Skills

Chemistry Help

On-line quizzes

* Skim through the chapter before we cover the material in class.  Focus on the bold face words and look at the pictures.  If you do this you will be ready to participate in class!
* Keep an index card in your book with the current formulas from the chapter.  This will serve as a quick reference tool and a great book mark!
* Keep the vocabulary index cards from each chapter to help you study for the chapter test and the midterm/final.  When you are studying make two piles, one for the words you know and the other for the words you do not.
* Be organized!  The three ring binder is required for a reason.  Take the time to file your papers as you get them back.  5% of your grades depends on this!
* Be careful when using your calculator...make sure that you write out all work.  If I can see your work I can give you partial credit.

*Study for the chapter test in small sections.  Look over your notes and old quizzes, work on some practice problems, make a study sheet.  Plan a timeline of your study time.  (ex: day 1 -look over notes, day 2- go over old quizzes, etc...)  You should begin studying at least 3 days in advance.
*If you are having difficulty with the homework, chances are you need some extra help.  Pay attention in class when we review the homework...ask questions!
*Schedule extra help with a group of can help each other and I can guide you all.
*If you feel that you are falling behind, let me know!  I want you to succeed, you can do it!
*Make a one page study sheet that outlines everything you need to know for the test/quiz.  Include formulas and vocabulary...and how it all connects to one another.
*Relate what you are learning to what you already know.  Chemistry concepts build off of one must make a strong foundation for what is to come.